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Are you planning to make an investment in a home remodeling project in Los Angeles? Do you want to make your deal with the most reliable home remodeling company? If the answers are yes, then you can consider contacting us. Goldenline Remodeling is a reliable general contracting company that will help you to meet your home remodeling expectation.


Los Angeles, CA

We have been offering custom home remodeling services in Los Angeles for many years. Our home remodeling service includes—Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions and more. Over the years, we have done some finest home remodeling works for the house owners in Greater Los Angeles. Below we have added some photos of beautiful home remodeling jobs. Enjoy the photo gallery.

Woodland Hills, CA

Home living flawlessly executed; from the superb quality of materials & workmanship to the thoughtful fresh aesthetic design that is simply irresistible. This private residence offers appx. 3,800sqft. of living space. 

Studio City, CA

Incredible modern new construction incorporating the perfect blend of luxury & balance into everyday living.

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